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My Breastfeeding journey

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

I’m hella proud of myself. I’m hella proud of my baby, we are just killing it. He’s currently 8 months when reading this and I can finally understand how weaning works. He’s definitely exploring more and more foods and the need for just Mamas milk is not as strong.

Okay so to be honest I really enjoyed the majority of this experience. The parts I didn't enjoy too much:

-Waking up in the middle of the night every night to pump. The positive side is that my son slept through the night so I didn't actually have to feed him. You do have to continue to pump every 4-5 hours to keep the milk flowing.

-The breast pump was not the most effortless. Breastfeeding was much more natural to me. I felt relaxed and in tune.

So there are moments that I don't and I find myself complaining. Then I realize how free breastmilk is and how healthy I’m and he is. So thankfulness follows quite quickly.

From the start Cairo latched, he came out of my womb ready to eat. I exclusively breastfed for about 3 weeks. Then I began pumping and introducing bottles to him, which he loved. Because I had him during a pandemic we were home with each other almost everyday in those first 6 months. This helped me breastfeed with ease. I truly did not enjoy pumping. I preferred him to eat directly from me.

Aside from a few frustrated days of breastfeeding, the experience is very pleasant. I realize breastfeeding was meant for Moms who didn't have much to do. I really enjoyed breastfeeding when we were just laying around the house and relaxing. When you begin pumping everything gets complicated. So many tubes. I did what I could to make the experience work for me, but I know if I was working in an office I may not have breastfed for as long. You really have to be supported throughout the entire process. In your personal and professional life in order to make it work

Here’s what helped me :

  • I ate really good foods






Lots of Water



  • Nipple Cream

  • Rest

  • Support

  • Watching funny t.v. or meditating while pumping

  • Staying positive

  • Exercising

I also had a really great breast pump that was battery powered. I was able to pump anywhere. I used The Spectra brand pump. I also know they have some pumps that are hands-free.

I hope this helps another Mama thinking about breastfeeding, or in the thick of it. Either way we are spectacular beings, continuously giving and receiving.

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